Email Marketing Is Still Alive and Kicking
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Email marketing is, as the name suggests, the use of email list by industry in marketing communications. It is an extremely powerful marketing tool and an essential and often overlooked tool for the successful affiliate.

The only way of using email list by industry marketing in these days of CAN-SPAM is by using an Opt-in list. Although widely feared by some marketers and mocked by others as being toothless the CAN-SPAM act is a reminder that the government will get involved if it has to. Both as consumers and marketers we see that unsolicited bulk commercial email list by industry is unpleasant and costly.

For the individual marketer starting out I have to say the path to successful email list by industry marketing is not paved with exclamation marks. Writing in an Editorial style is recommended and according to email list by industry, a top Web email list by industry, is proven to be more profitable than the overtly sales approach favoured by so many.

So although there are predictions of the death of email list by industry marketing it is still working very well in the hands of those who deliver real quality to the individuals on their list. The days of bulk unsolicited industry email list are numbered. Industry giants such as Microsoft are working on methods to clear the world wide web of spam and it is to be hoped that countries around the world will cooperate.

All of us will win in this Spam free world. Internet Giants will no longer have their bandwidth dominated by spam; shoppers will be more trusting and honest marketers will get more sales once the spammers have been cleared away.

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