Car transportation
Car delivery from is a very necessary service. How can you be sure that everything is in order with the car? Depends on the choice of the organization. You need to choose experienced players in the market. Experience allows us to accumulate a huge amount of knowledge, carefully plan routes, and perfectly study the needs of customers.
Premium car delivery
When it comes to auto-delivery, many questions arise. Owners are worried about long-term transportation, which can cost a fortune, and any scratch will seriously affect the quality. When choosing a company, you should pay attention to:
  • experience in the market;

  • duration of delivery of cars;

  • security guarantee;

  • service cost.

[*]Most road carriers make their life easier and simply do not accept orders for premium cars. The owners themselves choose their option from a very small percentage of firms. Most often, however, the price is much higher.

[*]What is a closed carriage?

[*]Closed transport means transport in a closed body that is securely coupled to the tractor on wheels. A transported car is installed in this structure. There it is secured and transported individually. The speed of car transportation is a plus. Premium cars are often asked to deliver the car as soon as possible and preferably immediately to the place of their storage.

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