If you're really intent on getting to level 99 fletching
Level 85-99. If Best OSRS Gold site you're really intent on getting to level 99 fletching, then you'll need to create 53,420 Magic Longbows! Yeah, I know it's a great deal but do not be put off by it. You can do it and remember this will cause you millions if you'd like it to. Level 99. Congratulations! You're now one of the top fletchers in RuneScape! Taken off of this beautiful runescape.salmoneus website. Let's focus on the core utilizes rather than the special. It takes the ruddy pub about 4 minutes to refill, so I wouldn't rely on that. If you're not into battle, and then I mean either Slayer or hunting excursions, which are the main uses for the Godsword, then you can do just fine with your current weapon. If you are into battle, then the sword includes a few standard benefits.

First is obviously the Attack bonus - it may be less than 25% more accurate (fully outfitted, 163 with all the Godsword compared to 132 with the whip+defender setup), but that is a huge advantage against the creature's defence ratio. It permits you to hit quite more frequently, as far as hunting trips go. The second main benefit, is the Power bonus. You can inflict at least 6 damage points than any previous weapon you'd (I believe the most powerful has been Dharok's Greataxe). Lastly, there's an additional 8 points wagered bonus.

All that is very nice for hunting excursions, but for casual battle, largely Slayer, the sword is less spectacular than you may imagine. It hits more frequently and more difficult, but twice as slow than the whip. It is definitely not the melee edition of the Dark Bow, minus the Black Mask and a super attack potion to make up for the reduction of speed, I would stick with something different. Mind you, it depends upon the size of this creature (Black Demons for instance, Godsword's nice there).

To briefly sum this up, wait until the Item Lending system comes out, and borrow a Godsword from among your friends for a few days. As for the hilts, I've the Bandos hilt, and I'm quite happy with that. My personal opinion concerning the hilts is (regardless of price): Armadyl - Has two attacks per bar (50% drain), and has the potential to hit tough. Take your highest hit, and add 25 percent to it. Obviously, it's all random, and therefore don't anticipate nailing 60s every time you use it. Bandos - Has one strike per pub (100% drain), also has the potential to hit hard, in addition to lowering the opponent's defence level by the sum it hits. The best alternative for OSRS Money searching trips. You figure out how to strike a 50 on this to a GWD boss, and it is already dead.

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